Christmas Party Information

These last 20+ months have been very challenging for the hospitality industry. As most of you know, one regulation included a huge adjustment to seating arrangements, including table spacing and the placement of barriers between tables. As a result of these changes, we are not currently able to book large parties. In the spring, we are planning a revamp of our seating and we will hopefully be able to host larger group events by Christmas 2022.


This Christmas season, our maximum party size will be 18 people. There is only one area of the restaurant that we can book a party that size and so we will be limited to one 18 person party per evening. Even in this area, the group will not be seated all at one long table, but a three tables that are in a private area and are situated in close proximity.


We are able to accommodate smaller parties of up to 12 guests more easily. 


If you would like to inquire about your company or other party, please call and speak with a manager.  


We appreciate your understanding, and look forward to serving you all!

-SoCal Management