We are Hiring!


Sous Chef Position Available (Fall 2022)

Our current sous is retiring from the business for now and so we have some big shoes to fill.


We would love to hire someone who is passionate about making great food. Experience in scheduling and ordering is required, but above all else, a positive attitude and the desire to prepare high-quality food is what we're looking for. We hand make everything, so speed and efficiency are important.


Must be a team player, someone who will assist in all areas of the kitchen as needed, no one is above any job in our kitchen.

We have been open for 7 years now, and the majority of our staff have worked for us for 3 - 7 years. We run a good business and are exceptionally accommodating to our staff. Our front-of-house and kitchen staff are highly respectful to each other, and there is rarely any drama between the two.

We aim to promote and nourish growth. We do not tolerate aggressive behavior or bullying. Our whole team works together with one goal, to make amazing food for our customers, and enjoy your day so you want to come to work.


This is a full-time position and rarely do we require our staff to work any overtime. When you are at work we expect 100% but we do not want you to take work home with you, we respect your personal time off.


We pay above-average wages and offer full benefits for you (and your family if needed).

The wage for a qualified experienced sous chef is negotiable.


Come and join our awesome team in beautiful Campbell River on Vancouver Island.

Can't wait to meet you.

email us: socalrestaurant@gmail.com